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The Arkham Sessions Podcast, Episode #101: “WonderCon 2017: The Psychology of Animated Series””

Our live panel recording from WonderCon 2017 is here! This special episode includes commentary from creators and writers who worked on Batman: The Animated Series, X-Men Animated Series, Star Wars:… Read the Rest »

The Psychology of Star Trek vs. Star Wars

Who is more adept at emotion regulation, Vulcans or Jedi? Are the Borg or the Sith a larger threat to humanity? Do societies from the Outer Rim or the New… Read the Rest »

The Dark Side: Why We Must Join

I often talk about working with survivors of trauma, abuse, sexual assault and other forms of victimization.  I’ve also worked with soldiers who have killed or injured others, sometimes during… Read the Rest »

Behind the Glass: Is there anything wrong with collections?

The heart of my home is my kitchen, a spacious and open area with cherry wood custom cabinetry. But there are no dishes or fine china behind the glass cabinet… Read the Rest »