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The Psychology of the Man of Steel: Should Today’s Superman Be More Morally Realistic?

  Superman has changed, and there’s no denying this. Although he wears the same iconic “S” on his chest, the Superman we see in the film Man of Steel embodies… Read the Rest »

Iron Man: A Terrible Privilege

I’ll cut right to the chase. This is not a review of a single film. It’s not even a review of all three Iron Man films. This is a psychological… Read the Rest »

The Psychology of Cosplay PANEL

In October of 2012, I had the pleasure of speaking about the Psychology of Cosplay at New York Comic-Con. You can watch me fumble with microphones and talk about my… Read the Rest »

Batgirl #1: She who never forgets

I have something to disclose. When I picked up Batgirl #1, I had only one focus.  I was looking for a certain image. I flipped through the issue quickly, searching… Read the Rest »