The Arkham Sessions, Ep. 16: “The Cat and the Claw, Part 2”

Does Bruce Wayne finally profess his love to Selina Kyle? Does Batman turn Catwoman in to the Gotham City Police? Does Isis get spayed? You’ll find the answers to two of these burning questions in this week’s The Arkham Sessions, a podcast dedicated to the psychology of Batman: The Animated Series. In this episode, we delve deeper into Bruce Wayne’s struggle with his alter identity as Batman, and how he deals with emotional vulnerability, his desire for romantic connections, and the ultimate rejection.

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One Response to “The Arkham Sessions, Ep. 16: “The Cat and the Claw, Part 2””

  1. Rich says:

    iam kind of like batman in the sense iam very shyish with women. but i would like to have a gf and a wife at some point iam 34. great episode as always. i don”t understand all of what Andrea is talking about but i find it very interesting and thought provokeing.

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