The Arkham Sessions, Ep. 23: “Fear of Victory”

Did you know that most of us will experience a panic attack at some point in our lives? And over 11% of people will suffer from panic attacks to the point that it interferes with their ability to function. Did you also know which superhero happens to be an expert on panic attacks? Batman!

In this episode of The Arkham Sessions, we discuss the episode “Fear of Victory” from Batman: The Animated Series. In this classic episode, the menacing, sadistic villain Scarecrow escapes from Arkham Asylum and targets all of Gotham City’s star athletes. But Scarecrow’s fear-inducing crimes are actually not the highlight of this episode. Rather, it’s the sudden onset of Robin’s panic attacks, his struggle to overcome his fears, and Batman’s surprising expertise in anxiety treatment that take center ring in this satisfying episode.  Try not to swoon over Batman’s psychological insight as you learn the physiology of panic attacks and the best way to treat debilitating anxiety. Listen to the episode to find out why Batman makes a good mentor, coach and therapist!

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