The Arkham Sessions, Ep. 44: “Day of the Samurai”

One of the few people who know Batman’s identity is back! It’s the masterful ninja, Kyodai Ken, and this time, he plans to end Batman once and for all by discovering a 500-year-old scroll holding the secret to the rare martial arts fighting style, Kiba no Hoko. Kyodai intends to learn the technique, which includes a lethal move performed with only the touch of the fingertips.  This move can render someone injured, or worse, put them into an “eternal sleep.” Determined to master the move and seek revenge on Batman, Kyodai Ken has captured the star student of his old sensei (who holds the map leading to the ancient scroll) and demands an exchange: The map for the girl. Taking place primarily in Japan, this episode of Batman: The Animated Series is an adventure-filled tale that pushes the Caped Crusader to his limits.

Is Batman, as Kyodai Ken insists, no different than a ninja? Does he lack the honor, grace, and morality of an upstanding samurai? How do these accusations impact Batman’s code of ethics and belief in his mission? In this episode of The Arkham Sessions, we explore the topic of Batman’s self-concept and how others influence his sense of self. We discuss the disadvantages of having poor self-esteem as well as the dangers of high self-esteem. Listen to the full episode for this Thanksgiving Edition of the show!

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