The Arkham Sessions, Ep. 45: “Terror in the Sky”

After nearly a year since we first analyzed the megalomaniac villain known as Man-Bat, we return to his story with a fascinating follow-up session. This time, it’s not Dr. Langstrom who wreaks havoc all over Gotham City. It’s his beloved wife, Francine, a scientist and devoted partner to Langstrom, who transforms into the bestial, human-bat hybrid “She-Bat!” In a state of dissociation, Mrs. Langstrom unknowingly terrorizes many innocent citizens of Gotham. Eager to solve the mystery, Batman accuses the original Man-Bat as the one responsible for the destruction. In this classic episode of Batman: The Animated Series, the show teaches us some valuable lessons about jumping to conclusions, blaming others, and forgiveness.

In this episode of The Arkham Sessions, we continue our discussion about Batman’s self-doubt and issues related to perceptions of failure. More importantly, we tackle the relationship between the Langstroms (Man-Bat and She-Bat). Since Kirk has experienced the alterations and stressors of living with a monster as his alter ego, is he suited to help Francine through her recovery? Is she considered at lower risk for suffering since she has few recollections of her transformations? And why is her bat-form more male than female? Listen to the episode for our thoughts!

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  1. Julia Arsenault says:


    Now we got to see Langstrom’s father-in-law as a potential baddie. Still going on with his gobbly-gooch, I mean what YOU daughter think if she EVER found out! As even the way he yells at Francine he’s up to something

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