The Arkham Sessions, Ep. 52: “The Man Who Killed Batman”

What would Gotham City really be like without the Batman? We’ve all thought about it at some point, but in this classic episode from Batman: The Animated Series, the city gets a taste of life without the Caped Crusader. It starts off with Sidney Debris, a timid but ambitious new gangster, who reveals that he’s the man who ultimately killed Batman. Or, at least that’s what everyone seems to think.What happens when The Joker discovers that the Bat has been murdered–and that he wasn’t the one to off him?

In this episode of The Arkham Sessions, we revisit The Joker’s “close” relationship with Batman and why he’s actually experiencing real grief upon learning about the loss of his enemy. We also re-explore Joker’s emotional instability, lack of empathy, and violent impulsivity when it comes to his reactions to the news of Batman’s supposed death. In addition, we discuss whether Sid’s self-esteem could be impacted by this new “label” in the long-term. Listen below for the full analysis!

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