The Arkham Sessions, Ep. 67: “A Bullet for Bullock”

Harvey Bullock isn’t just a crass, smug, and underhanded detective. He also seems to have a lot in common with our hero, Batman. The two see the world purely divided into good and evil, and both Bullock and Batman are willing to bend the rules to take criminals down.  In fact, is it just the badge (and martial arts) that keep the two apart psychologically? In this episode of The Arkham Sessions, we explore this often misunderstood detective, addressing the theory that his rudeness and animosity may be a way of distancing himself from others. Perhaps there’s more to Bullock than meets the eye.

Who’s the “Batman” of the Marvel universe? Possibly Matt Murdock AKA Daredevil! Last week, the doc joined other experts from Netflix’s popular show to explore Daredevil’s motivations, fears, and upcoming plans.  Listen to the Psychology of Daredevil panel from Long Beach Comic Con here.

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  1. Julia Arsenault says:

    “Why wouldn’t you move?! Why wouldn’t you get out?!”
    “I wanted you gone! You’re not a tenant, you’re a pestilence!”

    With a guy who’s rude and tells ‘ya to “f” off, eats like a hog and dresses like a sloppy tramp…who wouldn’t go snap

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