The Arkham Sessions, Ep. 69: “Avatar”

This week, our caped co-hosts revisit the “backfire effect” and answer questions about this psychological term that refers to our tendency to hold strongly to our beliefs when given evidence that conflicts with those beliefs. We then delve into the adventurous episode, “Avatar,” which features the return of Ra’s al Ghul, Batman’s most powerful enemy. Batman embarks on an international trip to intersect Ra’s before he discovers (and commandeers) the immortal powers of an ancient Egyptian Queen. But a mortal man that dresses like a bat is no match for supernatural spirits, ghoulish monsters, a centuries-old madman, and the woman he loves, Talia!

The Arkham Sessions is a podcast dedicated to the psychology of the show, Batman: The Animated Series.  Have psychology related questions about Batman? Write to us via twitter @ArkhamSessions or on Facebook. Or visit our official website.

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