The Arkham Sessions, Ep. 70: “House and Garden”

Are we, as humans, all capable of blossoming into our “better selves?” Can individuals with seedy pasts actually reform? If they’re determined enough, can someone with a criminal background turn over a new leaf? Of course, we’re talking about Poison Ivy this week! In this episode of The Arkham Sessions, we explore the episode where Poison Ivy puts her shears away and transitions into a “normal life,” complete with a husband, two kids, and house in the suburbs of Gotham City. But Batman is not convinced. Given the recent thefts and a gruesome, green plant-like monster being spotted around town, all signs seem to point toward Ivy. So Batman takes a closer look at the family she’s “cultivated.”  The twist at the end of this story is rather disturbing!

In light of Poison Ivy’s potential “recovery,” we explain what rehabilitation might look like, whether it’s predictable or even possible.  Our discussion includes a spotlight on the self-fulfilling prophecy, the phenomenon of making a prediction come true simply by believing in it.  Listen to the audio below for the full analysis of this thorny topic!

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