The Arkham Sessions, Ep. 75: “Catwalk”

In our 75th episode, we revisit some of our favorite heroes and villains with our analysis of “Catwalk,” which features the return of Selina Kyle AKA Catwoman. She’s struggling to fit in as a normal, law-abiding citizen in Gotham City, even confessing to Bruce Wayne that she feels “trapped” by the limits of the law. In an insightful discussion of identity and authenticity, we realize that Selina is in a lot of emotional pain when she’s unable to assume her Catwoman persona. In what appears to be a twist of fate, it’s the villain The Ventriloquist (via his puppet Scarface) who offers Selina an opportunity to fulfill her role as Catwoman again by collaborating with one of his criminal schemes. Unfortunately, we soon learn that The Ventriloquist was targeting Selina all along in order to frame her for the heist.  And… well, the puppet gets it in the end.

As we explore the topics of identity and authentic expression, we focus on the psychological trait of impulsiveness. Namely, why is it difficult for some people to resist urges (in Catwoman’s case, for breaking social and legal norms), and what’s the deeper meaning of her identity chasm? Does the Ventriloquist/Scarface character represent the psychological “worse case scenario” of identity disjunction, a warning, so to speak? Why doesn’t Bruce Wayne offer consolation and support when she confides in him?  We’d think he knows a thing or two about balancing identities! Listen to the episode below for the full analysis!

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  1. Julia Arsenault says:

    “The Cat that Walks By Himself” is my favorite story!

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