The Arkham Sessions, Ep. 86: “Deep Freeze”

In this episode, we revisit the “cold-hearted” scientist-turned-villain, Mr. Freeze.  Since the presumed death of his wife, Nora, Victor Fries has lived a tortured life in seclusion, numb to the world around him. His discovery that Nora is actually alive (though still in cryogenic stasis) energizes him and even propels him to consider co-plotting with a megalomaniac theme park creator who convinces Freeze that he has the technology to bring Nora out of her frozen state. In Fries’ own words, he “will not lose her again.”

Of course, all this comes with a price. A cold, cold price.  The story also sparks one of the most heated debates in Arkham Sessions history! Dr. Letamendi believes that Nora represents Victor’s grief, symbolizing his inability to move on. In her view, by refusing to go with Batman and Robin at the end of the episode, Victor denies himself a chance to return to the world to begin healing from his trauma. Had he chosen a restorative life, instead of sinking to the bottom of the ocean with Nora, Victor would have shown his ability to move forward and begin his psychological recovery process.

Brian believes Nora represents…well…Nora. And that leaving her behind, at the bottom of the ocean, would not only be out of character for Victor, it could potentially be devastating to him, as he spends every day of the rest of his life, aware that his wife is alive, in cryogenic statis, as the bottom of the ocean. By remaining with Nora, Brian believes we’ve seen Victor come back to life, now having been tasked with the mission of completing his work, curing Nora of her illness and thawing her so that the two of them could be together again.

This episode covers the topics of unresolved grief, trauma, and strategies for helping others who are experiencing significant grief and loss. You can listen to the full episode  below:

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