The Arkham Sessions Podcast, Episode #102: “Joker’s Millions”

Our favorite villain, The Joker, is back in a very memorable episode of Batman: The Animated Series! This time, he’s is in some serious need of cash. So after receiving the unbelievable news that he inherited 250 million dollars, The Joker attempts to scrub his criminal record, retire from crime, and establish that he’s “sane,” with the help of legal and psychological experts, of course! As part of his psychological clearance, The Joker receives an assessment called The Rorschach Test. In this episode of the podcast, we give a thorough explanation of this test, including what it is used for and why it is considered controversial by the mental health field. Given that The Joker has a reasonable idea to retire from crime and live off of his inheritance, we also examine the relationship between money and happiness: Is income really related to higher satisfaction in life? The findings are rather surprising and not as straightforward as one would think. Finally, we learn that The Joker is the target of a rather upsetting con game – the inheritance was a sham. Is there a type of person who’s more susceptible to con artists than others?   All of this and more, as we analyze “Joker’s Millions!”

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