The Arkham Sessions Podcast, Episode #112: “Cult of the Cat”

Underground lairs. Initiation rituals. Animal worship. Though these might be some of Batman’s favorite things, he is none too pleased to to discover that Selina Kyle AKA Catwoman has gotten involved with a dangerous cult in Gotham City. The cult leader and his gang intimidate Batman and Catwoman in their dark dungeon with their metal claws, torture table, and bondage themed outfits, leaving us wondering who will end up on top.

In this episode, we explore the notion that this Gotham City “cat cult” may not be so different than Batman’s own family of underground vigilantes. We cover some of the fundamental aspects and core components of cults. For example, cults are often led by a powerful but charismatic and influential figure, devotees are expected to follow a belief system with rules and expectations that dictate behavior, and there is an explicit system of control and structure that reinforces compliance among members. Sound familiar? Is Batman is organizing himself and his group around a cult mentality? We look into it! Read about cult psychology here.

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