The Arkham Sessions Podcast, Episode #133: “Batman: Hush“

There’s a sinister new presence in Gotham City. He goes only by the name “Hush,” and he happens to know a great deal about Batman’s past… in fact, he appears to know Batman’s alter ego. But how? It’s a mystery that must be solved, before Bruce Wayne’s world comes crashing down. This is the animated film adaptation of one of the most popular Batman stories ever told and we’re analyzing it–and the original book–on this episode! Hush is a story that packs in nearly every Batman villain, and also tries to explain the important romantic connection between Batman and Catwoman. As he tries to uncover the mystery of the man who is set to destroy him, Batman finds Catwoman by his side at nearly every step, forcing him to examine his true romantic feelings for her. Hush is both a love story as well as a cautionary tale about closeness: The villain Hush is considered extremely powerful because he knows nearly every aspect about Batman’s history, and therefore knows his weaknesses.

In this episode, we explore the concepts of grudges, longstanding resentment, and betrayal, and we also consider the aspects of relationships using the theory called “Love Languages.” According to author Gary Chapman, each of us expresses and experiences love in very identifiable ways that map on to the 5 Love Languages, which include receiving gifts, quality time, words of affirmation, acts of service, and physical touch. Which love language best characterizes Batman’s style of showing love toward others? What does Batman need from other people in order to feel wanted and adored? To feel that another is truly devoted and committed to him? Our hosts even identify their own preferred love languages, and learn a little bit about what they need in their personal lives!  Listen to the full show to learn more about your love language!

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