The Arkham Sessions Podcast, Episode #92: “Subzero”

The dynamic duo is back! And we’re bringing the long-awaited episode, “SubZero,” with us! SubZero is a straight-to-video Batman animated film released in the late 90’s. The plot is fairly simple and very Freeze-y: When Mr. Freeze abducts Barbara Gordon so that he can perform a blood transfusion that will help save his dying wife, Nora, Batman and Robin launch into action.  Of course, in our formulation of Mr. Freeze, we had to revisit one of the most heated arguments we’ve had on air: Is Mr. Freeze considered in recovery or is he falling further down into the abyss of his illness? Finally, we point out how Batman commits a crime against medicine that could land him in jail. Chill out with us and click below for the full episode of “Subzero!”

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