The Arkham Sessions Podcast, Episode #94: “Sins of the Father”

On this Thanksgiving Day, we dive into a thought-provoking Batman episode that formally introduced audiences of the animated series to the new Robin, Tim Drake! But this version of Tim seems …different. In fact, elements of this character seem to resemble Jason Todd, the Robin who died in the comics in the late 80’s. Maybe this Robin is a combination of both? We explore Batman’s relationship with this new Robin, considering the fact that the loss and distancing of the “old Robin” (or Robins? Possibly both Grayson and Todd?) would have impacted Batman’s ability to establish a close bond. Is he ready to take on a new sidekick, a student, a son? Finally, we give Batman an empathy test to see how well he is able to understand the emotional experiences of others. How did Batman do? Find out in “Sins of the Father” by clicking below!

The Arkham Sessions is a podcast [typically] dedicated to the psychology of the show, Batman: The Animated Series.  Have psychology related questions about Batman? Write to us via twitter @ArkhamSessions or on Facebook. 

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