The Arkham Sessions Podcast, Episode #95: “Cold Comfort”

In Mr. Freeze’s final appearance in Batman: The Animated Series / The New Batman Adventures, we’re exposed to a whole new level of bone-chilling terror. Although his beloved wife has been revived, Mr. Freeze mysteriously declines in his condition and develops debilitating loneliness, depression, and signs of PTSD. We discuss some common effects of PTSD that might characterize Mr. Freeze such as feelings of ineffectiveness, numbness, minimizing, addictive behavior, and grandiosity. We also clarify that violence is actually the exception for individuals with PTSD. In fact, persons with mental health disorders are 10 times more likely to be victims of violence and crime than to be the ones to victimize others. Let’s discuss! Click below for the full episode!

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  1. Darkryt says:

    You know, I watched this episode of the cartoon recently. I questioned what the deal with the ‘thuggettes’ was, given how whimsical and childish they seem to be compared to how serious Mr. Freeze is: but listening to the audio clips without animation makes me realize that was the point. They’re in the episode for comic relief/comic release to soften the story between bouts of Freeze being… well, utterly terrifying.

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