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The Arkham Sessions, Ep. 73: “Time Out of Joint”

We’ve all felt it before. The thirst for revenge. The impulse to strike out at someone who’s wronged us. An eye for an eye. And yet, psychological science has demonstrated… Read the Rest »


The Arkham Sessions, Ep. 72: “Harlequinade”

Harley Quinn is predicted to be the number 1 Halloween costume in the U.S. this week, and it is without a doubt she’s one of the most intriguing characters in… Read the Rest »


The Arkham Sessions, Ep. 71: “The Terrible Trio”

They are Gotham’s elite! Or so they think.  They’re the “Terrible Trio,” a burgling threesome who target the rich–not because they need the money, but simply because they’re “bored.”  Dressed… Read the Rest »


The Arkham Sessions, Ep. 70: “House and Garden”

Are we, as humans, all capable of blossoming into our “better selves?” Can individuals with seedy pasts actually reform? If they’re determined enough, can someone with a criminal background turn… Read the Rest »


The Arkham Sessions, Ep. 69: “Avatar”

This week, our caped co-hosts revisit the “backfire effect” and answer questions about this psychological term that refers to our tendency to hold strongly to our beliefs when given evidence… Read the Rest »


The Arkham Sessions, Ep. 68: “Trial”

Once again, Batman finds himself in a straight jacket!  He’s been captured by the super-villains of Gotham City and taken into Arkham Asylum, the facility for the “criminally insane.”  And… Read the Rest »


The Arkham Sessions, Ep. 67: “A Bullet for Bullock”

Harvey Bullock isn’t just a crass, smug, and underhanded detective. He also seems to have a lot in common with our hero, Batman. The two see the world purely divided… Read the Rest »


The Arkham Sessions, Ep. 66: “Sideshow”

In this episode, we tackle the challenging topic of behavioral reformation. Can criminal offenders really reform? Is criminality something a person can overcome? Or is a law-breaking lifestyle simply inevitable… Read the Rest »


The Arkham Sessions, Ep. 65: “The Worry Men”

To Bruce Wayne’s confusion, all of Gotham’s socialites are mysteriously “donating” millions of dollars to an unnamed figure, and this sudden wave of philanthropy appears to have been triggered by… Read the Rest »


The Arkham Sessions, Ep. 64: “Read My Lips”

As a superhero with a secret identity, it’s true that Batman knows a thing or two about alter egos. But when he asserts that The Ventriloquist has “Multiple Personality Syndrome,”… Read the Rest »